confetti rain

Happy Birthday, Kim Minseok~

✰ [260214] 생일축하해 TO THE BADDEST FEMALE (ノ◕‿◕)ノ~『✧~*CL*~✧』


the museum of you; a countdown to jongin’s birthday

7/8: miracle in december

140114 - Kim Jongin through era for Jongin’s birthday

Thank you for being such an inspiration, for being such a muse, to bring all this laughter and tears in our life. Thank you for always working hard, being such a professional person, thank you for everything.

Happy birthday Kim Jongin. The second youngest, the main dancer, the chicken mania, the one who smile brighter than sunshine.

Be happy, stay humble. We love you 


( / > Д <) /

happy birthday to the most MANLY and cutest do kyungsoo ~

Happy Birthday to our squishy boy, Do Kyungsoo!