“Yes we may meet a million other Rushers who know our name, but don’t you worry because we love you Jane.”

I am literally in tears at this. You don’t have to like their music, but the least you can do is respect them. I don’t go on and on about how great they are because of their looks or any of that other materialistic crap. They are truly genuine souls who care so much about everyone and everything around them. All jokes, fangirling, and unrealistic wishes aside, these four men would be the perfect people to have alongside you in your life as your friends. The amount of love they have within themselves to share with the world is amazing to me. I truly hope one day to be on their level.


Happy Birthday Carlos Roberto Pena♥

Thank you for making us smile and lighting our days up with your tweets and videos, radiating your incredibly positive attitude and that wonderful smile.

Thank you for being such a beautiful person.